Global development Centre:

The GDC is responsible for resolving all technical and business issues that come up and may impact the parent company's worldwide functioning and workflows. Unipro is well-equipped with established processes, standards and templates to handle any issues or requirements. Unipro has established Centre of excellence (COE) for all its service offerings. The COE enables development of solution framework templates, preservation of valuable knowledge assets, sharing of best practices and delivering cost effective results. All GDCs are able to share this huge knowledge base and best practices, providing you with reduced time and costs. Unipro follows time-tested foolproof project management methodology to minimize your risk. Unipro will set up a Quality Department in the GDC that will take care of all the quality-related issues and keep you updated. Unipro's own Quality Council will constantly monitor and measure quality of the GDC as a whole.

Consulting practice:

Unipro is well geared to provide assistance to Clients world wide, be it end to end enterprise wide software solution or onsite consulting through time and material. Our staffing capabilities are second to none in the market as most of our consultants are permanent employees and are hand picked to meet stringent quality requirement that our clients demand. We understand the demanding nature of today's business and respect our clients' views. We also trust true excellence is when demanding business requests from our clients are fulfilled.

Pricing mechanism:

We are flexible and highly competitive in our pricing mechanism. We work on time and material or fixed price based on our clients' convenience.